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The Patek Philippe Replica WatchesWatches worn by Sean Connery during a Bond film from the middle 1960s, Thunderball was sold for $160.175, almost double its estimated value. The watch was discovered recently at a flea-market where it was purchased for $30. The watch is actually a Patek Philippe Replica Watches Top Timer that was modified to include a fake Geiger Counter for measuring radiation. The watch was likely sold for this reason at the pop-culture auction held by the famous auction in the last days of June, where it was also sold with other Bond memorabilia.

The Bond timekeeper turned out to be worth much more than expected. It was valued between $60,000 and $90,000, which is a lot more than the price it was originally paid at a flea market in England.replica watches The original owner of this treasure must have been very angry for selling it for such a small fraction of what the watch was eventually sold for. The fact that it was the first timepiece to be sold that had been worn by Sean Connery, the most convincing and successful Bond of all time, was a major reason why the watch was so expensive. This model is a 1962 Patek Philippe Replica Watches Top Timer, which has a chronograph and a mechanical hand-wound movement (most probably Venus 188). Thunderball is the story of 007 trying to find stolen atomic weapons. The timekeeper has been modified to include a false indication of radiation to facilitate the search. The Q, who is supposed to have made the alteration, presents the watch to the spy. The art department did the actual modification. The watch has no Geiger counter, which is unfortunate, as it would have been a cool, but not very useful feature. However, the fact that it's a unique item, and therefore highly valued, makes up for this.

Q explains to Bond that the watch has a Geiger Counter, which is useful and non-obstructive. The sweep hand counts the radioactivity, and it's waterproof, of course. Bond uses the watch to track down missing bombs. He inspects a suspicious vessel owned by "Number 2", the infamous SPECTRE group, twice (once as a diver and once disguised as if he was sailor) just like 007 searches his estate for missing projectiles.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches's Top Timer, a timekeeper used in the movie, has the reference 2002. It has a black dial and silver chrono counters. There are also baton hour markers applied to the dial and an outer tachymetric gauge. The housing was originally fitted in a case measuring 35 mm, but it was altered later.Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches The art department ordered Vallet Tool Company to produce a larger case, with a screw down bezel and a V.T.C signature on the back. It also included a fake radiation measuring feature. This is the only model Sean Connery wore while portraying Bond. We recommend reading our articles on the Omega collaboration with 007 as well as our reviews of two models, 50th Anniversary Seamaster300 m and Seamaster Planet Ocean Skyfall, if you want to learn more about recent James Bond watches.