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McDonnell said that the goal was to create an idiot-proof calendar. "You can use the correctors as often as you want, and manipulate it however you wish."

McDonnell said that the presentation of the movement for admiration was an important part of the process. He said that the mechanism was the star of the show. What is the purpose of creating something beautiful, that functions perfectly and is innovative -- only to cover it up? We have merged the parts of display into the mechanism, and parts are sunk inside. The dials seem to float in the air. There is no difference between the mechanism and display.

Legacy Machine No. 1 was released in 2011. In 2011, the Legacy Machine collection began with the Legacy Machine No. Busser asked himself how his life would be if he was born 100 years earlier, and was still making watches in early 1900s. He said that he would have wanted to make three-dimensional wristwatches. Grendizers and Star Wars would not have existed when I was inspired. What would my machine from 1900 look like if I had pocket watches, Jules Verne's novel,replica watches and the Eiffel Tower? "It has to be round, and it must be three-dimensional."

Limited edition of 25 yellow gold pieces are available for the magnificently multi-layered tag heuer carrera day date replica Legacy Machine Perpetual with its distinctive balance wheel at centre stage.

tag heuer carrera day date replica Legacy Machine Perpetual Golden Gold

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Double mainspring barrels on a fully integrated 581 component hand-wound perpetual clock movement

Case Study

The 44mm 18k gold watch has a blue replica watches Also available in 18k white with dark grey faces, 18k white with purple faces, 18k white with dark grey faces and grade-5 titanium.


Blue hand-stitched leather with 18k gold clasp


CHF 158,000